Fabien Riggall, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Secret Cinema

Fabien Riggail

Fabien Riggall is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Secret Cinema, one of the most talked-about global cultural phenomena of recent times. Recognising a growing desire for multi-dimensional experiences amongst cinemagoers, Fabien set up Secret Cinema in 2007.

The company creates immersive worlds where the audience lives out a film in purpose-built sets. Secret Cinema has been reported as having revolutionised the way audience experience culture whilst looking to empower audiences to become part of the story. Secret Cinema believes in using secrecy and can sell over 30,000 tickets without revealing the location or title of the film. The organisation has stepped into new mediums including live music, building immersive music worlds transforming buildings into Albums. Artists included in the beginning of this project include Radiohead, The Knife and Laura Marling.

Fabien is a leading cultural activist integrating social message through all SC’s productions. Recent productions of Back to the Future, Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back and Moulin Rouge had record breaking numbers of attendees. In September 2015, Fabien set up #loverefugees, a movement to raise awareness of the plight of refugees globally. As part of this project Fabien installed a temporary cinema in the Calais refugee camp known as the Jungle, screening to an audience of over 1000. Last year Fabien was the co founder and main organiser for March for Europe bringing over 120,000 people to the streets to support Europe against Brexit.

Fabien Riggall is recognised as having pioneered the immersive cinema format.