James Miller, Managing Director, dsf.

James Miller is the Managing Director of DSF (www.dsf.la), a Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing firm whose clients include Sony, Universal, Sierra Affinity, Voltage, FilmNation, Lakeshore, Lotus Entertainment and Good Universe.

James manages the day-to-day operations of their print and audio-visual creative department. He has worked with many talented artists, including Werner Herzog, Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves and Nicole Kidman.

His team was nominated for a Cannes Young Lion award in 2012 and subsequently had their work featured in The Guardian. James is a represented non-fiction author. He recently completed a book about advertising psychology titled 'Selling the Hero: The Lost Art of Narrative-Based Marketing', scheduled for publication in Q3 2019.

James brings a wide variety of expertise to creative marketing and advertising, with an integrated approach of how the iconography and symbolism of specific images affect the emotional aspects of consumer purchasing behavior.